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Dairy Farmers of Canada

When it came time for the Dairy Farmers to update the certification mark that appears on Canadian diary products across the country, the decision was made to create one brand that also incorporates the association’s corporate brand.

A system was developed that not only maintained the equity of the existing certification mark, but allowed for multiple bilingual messages that needed to appear on a wide range of sizes and types of packaging.

Beyond the mark itself an identity system was developed that communicated the power of Canadian dairy through rich messaging, bold typography and imagery.

From criteria-setting sessions with the client and a global best practice audit of certification programs, a number of things became clear.

  1. A clear and simple system would work best.
  2. The mark needed to unite and work for dairy farmers across the country.
  3. We needed a mark that dairy producers want to put on their packaging. A clear and simple system would work best.
  4. It needed to reproduce across multiple formats and printing types.