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Langara College

Research showed that very few people understood what Langara College stood for.

By positioning Langara as "The College of Higher Learning” they took ownership of college and elevated themselves to a higher academic level. 

The College of Higher Learning

Research indicated students were seeking a quality education with accessibility to good teachers, program specialization and good value for their tuition dollars, all things Langara delivered. What quickly became apparent was that this was not understood or well known amongst their core audience. Therefore we needed to start a dialogue with them.  

Through looking at the competitive set, there is a proliferation of similar colours and the same imagery among the post secondary sector.

The solution was to introduce a unique color and adopt a platform that used dialogue strongly to convey their point of difference.

I would fully recommend the Twice Brand Conviction methodology to any organisation planning to undertake a branding initiative. 

The methodology was extremely important in developing buy-in within the institution to the overall branding effort by encouraging members of the community to be fully engaged in the process. Most importantly, the process unearthed and clearly identified, the unique characteristics of the College that differentiate us in the post-secondary education market. This is an extremely powerful tool.

Ian Humphries
Vice-President, Academic & Students