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How do you make the world rethink single use plastic?

  • Competitive analysis
  • Stakeholder insight
  • Brand strategy
  • Naming & brand voice
  • Identity system design 
  • Packaging system

SiliSolutions came to us with the dream of changing the global culture of unconscious wastefulness through getting people to change to reusable and sustainable platinum silicone containers and stop using disposable and single use plastic products.

We worked with them to reinvent their brand and the way in which they take it to market, we developed a way in which they could use their innately positive outlook to help change the world.  

Unplastic the World

Competitive analysis of the emerging silicone product category was crucial to ensure that we took SiliSolutions away from the marketplace conventions and set them apart.

 The first step was to capture and articulate the mission and purpose that was driving them. The brand idea that we developed was the simple thought that the offering was all about A Brighter Life. This encapsulated the colourful nature of the platinum silicone products that they had developed and the smart solutions they were offering to the collective plastic problem we face.

Next came the renaming process and the creation of Luumi, the tagline ‘Unplastic’ and the creation of a completely new identity system that was inventive, innovative, fun and which would go about changing the world with a smile.

Luumi will be launching in 2017.

Brand identity is everything in the marketplace, and you have developed a unified, succinct and unforgettable image that reflects our identity in a much stronger way.

Andrew Stromotich, Founder & CEO, LUUMI