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Differentiation Through Dialogue.

How does a provincial credit union compete against the big 5 banks?

  • Brand Experience Audit
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Workshops
  • Strategy
  • Identity design
  • Interior design
  • Branch collateral
  • Print materials
  • Advertising

Servus Credit Union

Servus was struggling to grow its membership and convey a compelling reason to move over from the big 5 banks.

Following an extensive brand audit in 2012 we developed a new brand idea for the Credit Union – The Power of Member Banking - that bought to life the organisations

purpose and true values. Expressed through a new brand identity system, the brand positioning clearly showed Albertans there was a credible alternative to the Big 5 banks.

The Story of a Circle and a Square

The welcoming green circle from their logo formed the basis of the platform, often being compared to the uncompromising square which is representative of the big 5.

The brand audit of 2012, which included multiple branch visits, staff and member interviews, third party research, competitive analysis and the assessment of all branded collateral and messaging lead to the following insights.

  1. The brand had strong and positive recall, but lacked a defined purpose.
  2. There was visual consistency in the brand, but it was generic and fell short in substantial and memorable messaging.
  3.  The staff formed the cornerstone of the personality, but there was a opportunity for the physical branch experience to connect in unique and ownable ways.