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How does a small bakery get noticed?

  • Competitive audit
  • Retail audit
  • Research
  • Strategy
  • Packaging design system
  • Launch POS
  • Production

Silver Hills Bakery

Silverhills makes their wholesome sprouted bread the way it should be, with nothing in the ingredients that shouldn’t be there.

Wanting to get more people eating their healthy product and increase sales in mainstream stores, we created a pack with unique names, colours and illustration that breaks through in an overcrowded section of the grocery store.

Breaking With Convention

Not having the deep pockets of large national bread producers we needed to find a way to get Silverhills noticed. During store visits and a competitive review it became clear the category was generic, this was our chance to get noticed.

Building off an existing product name that had huge recall in research, we built a whole family of unique product names. Combining unique illustration with full flood colours that broke from the standard earth tones.