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Disruption Through Dialogue.

How far can you push an insurance brand?

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  • Competitive analysis
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity system
  • Corporate collateral

Sonnet - Economical Insurance

With the goal of disrupting the insurance category in Canada, Economical Insurance launched Sonnet, the first entirely digital insurance provider.

Understanding the appeal of this new offer with an audience that is hungry for convenience and transparency, a category challenging brand platform was developed, that consumers were actually proud to associate with.

Rebellious Advocate

During workshop exercises the Rebellious Advocate personality type was developed, one that reflected the new digital way of doing things, but gave a sense of security and trust. 

The platform was designed to connect with a young minded audience, one that was looking for an alternative. Illustrator Jean Julien was used to bring to life Sonnet’s unique way of looking at insurance and their open and honest relationship with the customer.