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How do you reposition a complex organisation?

  • Category analysis
  • Stakeholder insight
  • Brand strategy
  • Identity system design
  • Collateral
  • Print
  • Signage

Sport BC is a complex organisation; a government body, a funding agency, advocacy group, non-profit and a representative of 65 Provincial Sport Organisations. Not surprising only 30% of British Columbians were aware of Sport BC’s role. 

An inspiring brand idea intentionally repositions Sport BC as a consumer-facing brand.

Everyone Is An Athlete

The solution was purposely simple, to inspire people through one powerful single-minded thought, and based on the notion that Sport BC gives everyone in BC the opportunity to be the athlete that they are. The tagline “Everyone is an athlete” was developed.

Using a unique custom typeface, the tagline is the graphic platform, creating a bold and inspiring graphic statement. Combining the graphic tagline with Sport BC’s user-generated imagery creates a feeling of accessibility and makes for an easily implemented scheme for the non-profit.